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Polls Say: Don’t Take Sides

Polls show Americans do not wish to take a side on Israel-Palestine

Written By: Alison Weir

Numerous polls show that a strong majority of Americans don’t wish to take a side on Israel-Palestine:

“Since December 1998, Gallup and other organizations have asked respondents many times whether the US ‘should take Israel’s side, take the Palestinians’ side, or not take either side.’ Strong majorities have consistently said the US should take neither side. In July 2000, 74% endorsed this position. Shortly after September 11th, 2001, this number dropped to 63%… then recovered to 70% in early November (Israel’s side 20%). Israel’s military actions of April 2002 had little impact on this majority view. CNN/USA Today/Gallup found 71% in April for the US taking neither side.”

Despite this, the U.S. does take a side, though most Americans don’t know this. Due to intensive lobbying and well-coordinated campaign donations by the Israel Lobby,Congress gives an enormous amount of aid to Israel and extremely little to Palestinians..