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A World Gone Mad: Voters should wake up to the issue of war versus peace.

Pillorying Trump ignores how awful Hillary Clinton is in her own way. Hillaryland promises to bring with it a likelihood of more war, not only…

Oct 21 2016 / Read More » /

Billionaire Saban Advises Clinton to Differentiate Herself From Obama on Israel

Emails from Israeli billionaire Haim Saban to Clinton’s inner circle, mainly relating to Israel Ha’aretz – Israeli-American tycoon and major Hillary Clinton donor Haim Saban had…

Oct 13 2016 / Read More » /

The Legacy of United States Interventionism: What Iraq teaches us

Recent interventions have not worked very well and have in fact increased the number of enemies rather than reduce them while also killing nearly 7,500…

Oct 12 2016 / Read More » /

Israel’s $38 Billion Scam: Bibi wants more and Congress might deliver

Israel is a strategic liability. It requires the expenditure of considerable American political capital to protect it in the U.N. It cannot be used as a…

Sep 28 2016 / Read More » /

The Basics: re-examining our policies

The US has a unique relationship with Israel:

• More US tax money has been given to Israel than to any other nation – over $8 million per day (per capita, more than 7,000 times the average to others around the world). Large disbursements are also given to other Mideast nations, largely on behalf of Israel.

• The US regularly vetoes initiatives regarding Israel that are endorsed by numerous other nations.

Such policies are causing escalating harm to Americans: they have entangled us in tragic wars, damaged our economy, undermined our democratic processes, and placed our citizens in danger. Yet this is rarely discussed.

It is critical for our nation and others that these policies be thoroughly examined, openly debated, and honestly evaluated. Read more

The experts on US policies toward Israel

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