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Fascism in America

By Philip Giraldi. The Unz Review – Sinclair Lewis once opined that if fascism ever comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and…

Aug 19 2014 / Read More » /

Israel’s Zim Line and San Francisco’s Shame

By Jeffrey Blankfort.  CounterPunch - Over the years there have been scores of demonstrations in front of Israel’s San Francisco consulate and dozens of marches and rallies…

Aug 13 2014 / Read More » /

Tunnels-to-kindergartens propaganda Netanyahu peddled to NYT and CNN is exploded by Israeli news site

By James North and Phil Weiss. Mondoweiss - One of the most important strikes in the propaganda war for Israel in the last month was dealt…

Aug 13 2014 / Read More » /

American media’s new pro-Israel bias: the same party line at the wrong time

By Chris McGreal. The Guardian – Here are a few questions you won’t hear asked of the parade of Israeli officials crossing US television screens during…

Jul 31 2014 / Read More » /

The Basics: re-examining our policies

The United States has a unique relationship with Israel:

-- More U.S. tax money has been given to Israel than to any other nation – over $8 million per day (per capita, more than 7,000 times the average to others around the world). Large disbursements are also given to other Mideast nations, largely on behalf of Israel.

-- The U.S. regularly vetoes initiatives regarding Israel that are endorsed by numerous other nations.

Such policies are causing escalating harm to Americans: they have entangled us in tragic wars, damaged our economy, undermined our democratic processes, and placed our citizens in danger.

Yet, this is rarely discussed.

It is critical for our nation and others that these policies be thoroughly examined, openly debated, and honestly evaluated. Read more

The experts on US policies toward Israel

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