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Featured articles Israeli soldiers watch as an Iron Dome launcher fires an interceptor rocket near the southern city of Ashdod

Breaking the last taboo – Gaza and the threat of world war

By John Pilger. - “There is a taboo,” said the visionary Edward Said, “on telling the truth about Palestine and the great destructive force behind…

Sep 11 2014 / Read More » /

ISIS is Israel’s Key Ally Against a Palestinian State

By Jonathan Cook. CounterPunch - Nazareth. An image speaks a thousand words – and that is presumably what Israel’s supporters hoped for with their latest ad…

Sep 11 2014 / Read More » /

Do Jew Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?

By Philip Weiss. Mondoweiss – At least a half dozen times in recent months, the suggestion has come from serious people that Jews predominate in…

Feb 17 2008 / Read More » /
Elie Wiesel NYC 3.9.07 075

Denying Palestinians Their Humanity: A Response to Elie Wiesel

By Sara Roy. Counterpunch – Mr. Wiesel, I read your statement about Palestinians, which appeared in The New York Times on August 4th. I cannot help feeling that…

Sep 9 2014 / Read More » /

The Basics: re-examining our policies

The United States has a unique relationship with Israel:

-- More U.S. tax money has been given to Israel than to any other nation – over $8 million per day (per capita, more than 7,000 times the average to others around the world). Large disbursements are also given to other Mideast nations, largely on behalf of Israel.

-- The U.S. regularly vetoes initiatives regarding Israel that are endorsed by numerous other nations.

Such policies are causing escalating harm to Americans: they have entangled us in tragic wars, damaged our economy, undermined our democratic processes, and placed our citizens in danger.

Yet, this is rarely discussed.

It is critical for our nation and others that these policies be thoroughly examined, openly debated, and honestly evaluated. Read more

The experts on US policies toward Israel

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    CNI works for U.S. Middle East policies that represent the highest values of our founders and our citizens and that work to sustain a nation of honor, decency, security, and prosperity.

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    "...a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other..." (Read more)

    –George Washington's farewell address

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