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AIPAC promoted bill would require Congressional approval of any Iran deal; Obama says he will veto it

JTA — The White House said it will veto a bill that would subject any Iran nuclear deal to congressional approval. The bill, which was…

Mar 1 2015 / Read More » /

Invite the world to fight ISIS but help it militarily – Indo-Asian News

Indo-Asian News Service, Saeed Naqv – West Asia becomes more mysterious by the minute. Who is fighting whom on whose behalf? The lines were always…

Feb 28 2015 / Read More » /

5 Surprising Ways Iran is better than Israel – Juan Cole

1. Iran does not have a nuclear bomb and is signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 2. Iran has not launched an aggressive war since…

Feb 28 2015 / Read More » /
Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister, head of the opposition and Chairman of the Likud Party, attends a Likud party meeting at the parliament in Jerusalem

When you stand with Netanyahu, do you know what messages you are really sending?

By Gilbert Schramm. An open letter to Senators and Congressional Representatives nationwide: On March 3rd, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu will speak before a joint session…

Feb 23 2015 / Read More » /

The Basics: re-examining our policies

The United States has a unique relationship with Israel:

-- More U.S. tax money has been given to Israel than to any other nation – over $8 million per day (per capita, more than 7,000 times the average to others around the world). Large disbursements are also given to other Mideast nations, largely on behalf of Israel.

-- The U.S. regularly vetoes initiatives regarding Israel that are endorsed by numerous other nations.

Such policies are causing escalating harm to Americans: they have entangled us in tragic wars, damaged our economy, undermined our democratic processes, and placed our citizens in danger.

Yet, this is rarely discussed.

It is critical for our nation and others that these policies be thoroughly examined, openly debated, and honestly evaluated. Read more

The experts on US policies toward Israel

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